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And so it begins ......


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Dramora listened as the two groups bickered back and forth. What was wrong with these people? While they sat here bickering about how to do something, the Hand was out devastating Yew.

This meeting hadn’t gone well, from the very beginning when Aedon walked out, to now.

Suddenly standing, she slammed her hand on the table….

“Can you all just SHUT UP and start working together?”

Startled, they all looked at her.

“The only way to defeat the Hand is to band together.”

“You can’t have the constant bickering. Mikael will exploit it. He will turn you all onto each other. As you are fighting each other, he will quietly take Yew.”

She finally had their attention; and hopefully they could put aside their differences and work together. Even if it’s only temporarily.


Long after the meeting wound down, she sat in the porch chair and looked out over the water.

She had said way more than she had really wanted to to get them to listen. She hoped that wouldn’t eventually cast suspicion on herself.

Gillian….Governor of Yew.

The woman was arrogant. She didn’t see a threat, even though the Hand had been terrorizing her people.

This would be her downfall, although she didn’t realize that. Gillian needed everyone to help her, but it seemed she thought she could nullify the Hand with only herself and Thom.

Dramora shook her head in frustration.

At least they now had a plan. Was it a good plan? Only time would tell.

Too many people now knew she was here, and her presence HAD to remain a secret until it was time to reveal it. She had hoped everyone could hold their tongues long enough for this plan to work.

She rose from her chair. It was late, and she was tired.

Tomorrow was another day.

Mistress of Virtue

Jordan Thyme

Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
It took a great deal of resolve not to slam the door on her way in. Wouldn't have helped anyway. It wouldn't make her feel any better and it would only succeed in waking both Laurie and Xavier from their sound sleep. She had no clue how Aedon and that self-centered sow had ever become friends to begin with. Either Aedon really had changed in the past few years, or he was much less picky back then about who he associated with. Either way, the thought of working with Dramora made her stomach curl like 5 day old milk curd. She'd already made a bad decision. Of all people, Dramora trusted The Rangers not to divulge information. If the Rest had ears, and it's possible it did.. then the Outpost and it's inhabitants certainly were several mouthfuls of tongue. And at least three of them would happily wag to any listener.

Yew, once peaceful and quiet, was slowly eroding around her into a field of blood and sinew. The Hand and it's fingers clawing away at innocence, tearing hard working people from their lives like chicken on a bone. What was worse, she didn't know the history.. didn't know the intricacies of Yew life. She would in time, but that was something she was quickly running out of. Yes, she'd work with whom she had to in order to save her city. She'd have to worry about the aftermath another time.

Aedon Durreah

Village of Aegis
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
The meeting did not go at all how he had hoped it would. It seemed that from the start things were already spiraling out of control. It was enough of a start that the meeting had been somehow hijacked and moved without his for-knowledge. But what set his blood to boil for a bit was the refusal, at first, to have Thom and Gillian present at the meeting. Perhaps he should not have walked out, but Aedon had recently endured more than a belly full of others trying to control him.

He wondered at first if Dramora had changed, become too soft or careless for the task ahead. But as the meeting finally got underway it was clear that a fire still smoldered within her. The fact that Aedon deeply admired strong women was no secret. From those he befriended such as Big Red Kanath, Lauren, Elisandra, Sage, Piper and GIllian -and those whose skill he admired like Dramora-to Janissan, the one he married. He had always felt a connection to those not afraid to stand up to anyone or anything.

He sat watching at first the tension which lay between Gillian and Dramora. They did not seem to like each other from the start. Aedon could not help but wonder if it was because the two were so much alike. There was also clearly still some animosity between Gillian and the Rangers. Some of the younger ones seemed to feel she had left them without guidance when she moved to Yew and became Governor. He tried to see some rhyme or reason to such feelings, but was suddenly shook from his thoughts and Dramora slammed her hand down on the table and began to shout.

Yes, there she was. The person he recalled from many years back that would have the fire in the belly needed to take on the fight ahead. And she was right. To defeat the Hand they must all work together or watch as while we tear at each other, Yew, Skara and many other towns fell down around us.

As he headed home afterwards Aedon found some glimmer of hope in Dramora’s return. It was not that he lacked confidence in those around him, but more the desperation of one who fears that all he had loved was crumbling to ash. There is strength in numbers; there is power in standing as one. And there is a whisper on the winds of the great forests begging us all to just listen.
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