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An Urgent Dispatch

Aedon Durreah

Village of Aegis
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
As he walked away from the small gravesite, Aedon brushed the fresh soil from his hands and trousers. Behind him came the family of the poor woman slaughtered by the hand, then dumped at the Knights Rest.

It was clear that the Hand was moving along with their plans a bit faster than Aedon thought they would. In an effort to spread terror and there-by elicit obedience from the citizens, the Hand were imposing a tax and demanding a tribute be paid by all in the way of goods. He could not help but wonder how many, in fear for their lives and family would bow to the demands of this ruthless band.

Dramora was now here, but Aedon had hoped that they would have more time to prepare, and at the very least, he thought that perhaps the Hand would need more time to gather the numbers they might need to overrun Yew.

This was not so; The Hand, in a short span of time had managed to sway many to their banner, mostly seedy sorts and outcasts living on the fringe of society. Even some folks of means and some reputation had been rumored to have gone to D’Amavir offering their aid in consideration of certain favors to be paid at a later date.

Standing at the gate to the small cemetery, Aedon offered his condolences to the husband of the slain woman, along with a promise to aid their family. Walking back towards the Center in Aegis Aedon know well what now must be done. They no longer had the luxury of time on their sides. They could not sit idly by as more innocent blood was spilled.

Entering the Yew Center, Aedon went to a table in the back room, taking out a sheet of paper and a pen from the small drawer, he began to write the many letters he would dispatch with all due speed.

To Governor Gillian, Thom, the Rangers of Spiritwood, and Piper of PGOH

The danger of the Hand is spreading at an alarming speed. In addition to the murders taking place in Skara and Yew, along with the many attacks on the Knights Rest and the Rangers Outpost it has become clear that we can no longer wait to act.

I am asking that all who this malignancy has or may touch in the future agree to a meeting as soon as possible to make solid plans, and act on them.

As leaders of the people and good citizens of the realm we have a duty to offer aid and protection when and where it is needed. I am prepared to stand with each and every one of you, and it is my fervent hope that you are prepared to stand with me to defeat the Hand.

Please, if you can meet tonight, or at the very latest tomorrow night, send word by currior as quickly as possible.

Aedon Durreah-Aegis

After making several copies of the letter, Aedon called in a courier and sent the message on to the others.

Standing, he put the pen back into its place, and closed the drawer on the table.

“Now,” he said “I will go and let Dramora know what is happening.”