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Alderia's Journal


It has been weeks since I have seen or heard from my younger sister, Mahal. Alan, the bar keep, claims to have seen her image but only for a few moments inside the tavern. I approached the paladin, Magnus, and asked him since they seemed to take a liking to one another. I try not to encroach upon her, or anyone's, personal business but I knew they were having an affair. Magnus' appearance alarmed me as it seemed to deteriorate rapidly, and when I spoke to him, his face was pale, his cheeks sallow, and his eyes dark and sunken. I have seen lovers get this way before but not quite this fast. He was nervous and hedged at my questions, saying things like: "She was here but has gone out," "I saw her last night," "She is away on an errand," and so forth. I could never pin down exactly where she was at any given time from our dialogue. Now he is nowhere to be found and I am grieved. If only I had a word from her, even if she had decided to move out and away, that would be something to go on. As it is, I cannot rest until I hear from her, but I want to meet with her and see if she is all right. If this Torak person is involved I will hire assassins to deal with him once and for all. I do not know who to turn to, who to ask for help. I am alone again. She is all I have left in the world as blood kin. I must find her. Life goes on but I have no joy in it now. I pray to the gods of Light that they will show me the way to her.