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About Ultima Online's Skills


Stratics Veteran
Greetings, I have a questions and opinions if i can share it...

Firstly about mysticisim's OP Rising Colossus. This summon is enough to kill strongest monsters in Uo. Peoples are taking mysticisim and focus even their crafters and gatherers. I cannot saw monsters in events because nearly 20 or more Rising Colossus on them. They hit great and its unfair to most PvM skills, such as necromancys 'animate death' Magery's 'Energy Vortex' etc. Please reduce its strength for beign fair to all players. I got Strygian Abyss and all expansions but i just dont want to make a character for only rising colossus like all peoples do in everyshard. It doesnt even contain strategy, team play or something. Just cast and it kills and cast again. Some people solo Navery with it. My opinion is this summons must be reduced if Uo needs teamplays.

My second opinion against buffing some skills. For example making deadly poison hard to cure makes PvP players happy because a mage with protection can cure deadly with 'Vas An Nox' Greater Cure. I tested and even it cures lethal. It makes Alchemists potions useless to all classes. Warriors witch chivalry, mysticism's Cleansing wind, and mages cure and healing/buffing abilities makes alchemy skills potions only for plants. But with Raised garden bed, alchemists totally useless. Only usefull side is making poisons for training poisoning. Thats all. Please make potions usefull or this game just belong to gatherers, bs/tailors, mystics and sampires.

Third, nearly all medium-high-high end monsters have poison immunity and uber poison resistance. It makes Necromancer's poison strike/Struggle ability useless. Making some monsters with giving some resistance in their classes would be nice. For example giving poison resist to poison elemental is good idea but why greater earth elemental have more poison resistance?A lot of monsters poison resistance is too high and peoples only taking necromancy for sampire, please make casters necros good too, lower some monsters poison resistance. So peoples can play a character in their dreams.

My last opinion is making weapon skills consume stamina instead mana. So 'pure warriors' doesnt need intelligence for mana at all.(Its nice to hear pure warrior class, it will be fun but peoples cant play because of monster damages. This is why warrior/melee chivalry class is dead.Only way to play melee is looking a sampire class in PvM)

And a question. What if resistances depends on skills? For example a frontier warrior and mage resistances are same in this days(70/70 full resistances) but what if peoples start with no resistance and resistances increases like skills?(using swordmanship/chivalry for psycal resistance , magery,alchemy,imbuing, mysticism and spellweaving for energy and fire resistance, necromancy,poisoning for poison/cold resistance and some ranger based skills are also splits some resistances for example archery(ranger) belongs to nature and it increases poison/physical resistance. etc) then peoples need to make a group characters, all characters are needed and peoples can make their classes in dreams and can use it in groups/raids/pvp/high dungeons etc. It will bring more activity to this game and makes PvP lot funnier.

I know, this thread will change nothing. But still writing this things into here is funnier than beign dungeon with 10 mystics/sampires etc.

Thank you for reading this post.