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A synopsis of leveling in L2 w/a spellcaster

Diomedes Artega

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Okay, so this is sort of a diary if you will. It will be updated periodically to show that it is not an impossible task to level up in Lineage II. This is started with the assumption that you like mage classes. If you level other classes, you should AUTOMATICALLY level up faster than this guide shown.

This was started with a NEW character. This was also started with the assumption that one has already played the game and/or has experience with it.

Last but not least, this is for a casual gamer that has intelligence and can make money playing the system. This leveling system takes into account that you are NOT a hardcore gamer and have blocks of time to play.

This also takes into account the concept of vitality, which is important to leveling speed in Lineage II.

With that, off we go.

Day 1: 9/8/09, LV01-21 Class change complete. Elected Shilien Oracle.
Day 2: 9/9/09, LV21-26
Day 3: 9/10/09, LV26-28.5 (went out to a movie), Vitality close to 200%.
Day 4: 9/11/09, LV28.5-30.5 Vitality close to 100% even.
Day 5: 9/12/09, LV30.5-31.0 Had to help a friend move. Was not on long.
Day 6: 9/13/09, LV31-32 Did a kama, aka instanced zone for you familiar with that.
Day 7: 9/14/09, LV32-34 Did a kama. Vitality around 200%.
Day 8: 9/15/09, LV34-35 Did a kama. That was it.
Day 9: 9/16/09, LV35-37 Did a kama and first class transfer quest, which can be started at LV35.

And there we are. Only 48 more levels to go.

Diomedes Artega

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Day 10: 9/17/09, LV37-38 Did a kama.
Day 11 9/18/09, LV38-40 Did a kama., Completed last class change quest at 39. Elected the worst soloing class arguably in the game. Shillien Elder. Also LV 40 > C grade.
Day 12: 9/19/09, LV40-42 did kama, and then did the 36-42 Pailaka (another sort of instance...except this you do solo). Vitality zero %.
Day 13 9/20/09, LV42-44 Just soloed.
Day 14: 9/21/09, LV44-45 Wasn't on very long. Just picked up my next level.
Day 15: 9/22/09, LV45-48 Duoed with a friend. Vitality upped to 250%.
Day 16: 9/23/09, LV48-49 Wasn't on that long. Just went ahead and got the next level.
Day 17: 9/24/09, LV49-50.5 Had some bad luck today. Didn't get as far as expected. Duoed with another friend for a bit.
Day 18: 9/25/09, LV50.5-52 Duoed with the same friend as day 15. 52 is B grade. Higher MP regen rate for me now.

33 more levels to go now, or...until I lose my sanity. Subclass change can begin at level 76 after passing that applicable quest. Will update more on this later.

Diomedes Artega

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Day 19: 9/26/09 LV52-54 Did a kama
Day 20: 9/27/09 LV54-55 Just did by myself. Here is where damage output falls drastically on some of the healing/buffing classes.
Day 21: 9/27/09 LV55-56 You can still squeak by on the same mobs but best to do it with higher vitality.
Day 22: 9/28/09 LV56-57 I previously leveled a wolf to a greater the past 9 months on 3 other characters. This would be a preferable route now unless you are in a good leveling clan.
Day 23: 9/30/09 LV57-58.5 Took a break to let vitality get up to 200%. Vitality goes very quickly when leveling with a pet however.
Day 24: 10/01/09 LV58.5-59 Only had enough time to pick up my level.
Day 25: 10/02/09 LV59-59.75 This is where leveling starts getting painful in my opinion in Lineage II. Without easily feasible instances to do at the 9's, 39, 49, 59, etc. it can be a bit of a challenge.
Day 26: 10/03/09 LV59.75-LV60.5 Additionally, Lineage II is all grinding. Not quest based like World of Warcraft. Nothing else to help your leveling. Just killing mobs.
Day 27: 10/04/09 LV60.5-61.5 Did a kama with a group.
Day 28: 10/07/09 LV61.5-62 Did a kama with a different group. Took a 3 day break to let Vitality top out at 300%.
Day 29: 10/10/09 LV62-63 Kama with the same group as the previous time. Unless you are a hardcore soloing class, you should be able to make or start forming groups as the newbie buffs last only to LV60.
Day 30: 10/11/09 LV63-63.5
Day 31: 10/12/09 LV63.5-65 Kama with the same previous group and then grouped with two others. Grouping of course is always preferable at these levels. Three people is about optimal for a party. Too many people will result in not enough experience and consequently a waste of time.
Day 32: 10/15/09 LV65-65.5
Day 33: 10/18/09 LV65.5-66.5 Perhaps some people will find it easier the higher they go but I just tend to lose concentration due to how long the levels take. I need more breaks and let the vitality rebuild back up.
Day 34: 10/19/09 LV66.5-67 Just duoed with a friend.

So 18 more levels to get to the highest level. It's comprised about two months of real life time. If you have a fighting class...it should be going faster for you.