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"A Male Drow In The Eyes Of Lloth" by Dipree (Dark Elven Nation)

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As a member of House Death Nyte and Maurdin Blathere I served Lloth as an assasin to the rivvil as well as any Drow. As a Maurdin Blathere it was my duty to punish Drow who had disobeyed their Matron or shamed Lloth. I have and will always serve Lloth to obtain her favor.

I have had to go to such an extreme as to assasinate my House Matron, Alana H'rethnor for her betrayal to the Dark Elvin Nation. As a male I had no leadership roles but to train the younger drow. I remain one of the oldest Drow in this pit of Britannia. I continue to seek revenge for my lost abill, to free

Lloth from the plane with Lord British hath sent her.Remember this Rivvil Olloth Plynn Dos Rivil. Verrun un Wasstu k'hel. Elghinn phlor dos, Elgg d'lolth piith. Ssinjin elg'cahl wun dossta vios.
Not open for further replies.