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A Lost Keeper?

Rick Moore

Stratics Veteran
"Damn this rain." It was getting cold and he needed a fire, his mind wrestled with yet another cold damp night or risk the small glow of a fire. He decided to risk it. The fire hissed and popped as the damp twigs began to burn.

The lone traveler crouched next to the fire, hands extended basking in its warmth his senses straining into the night. Satisfied there were no threats nearby and his hammer was within his grasp he allowed his mind to focus on why he found himself being drawn back to the western lands.

Word had found him... word of an old enemy thought lost to time had returned. He tried to make sense of the why and how but found himself unable to come up with answers. Mulling over these thoughts time and again he knew he had to investigate further.

"Snap" He reached for his hammer and was on his feet facing the direction of the disturbance. "Do not fret, I mean you no harm. I am alone and wish only to share your fire."

Maintaining his defensive stance hammer at the ready, he called out to the intruder. "Step forward, show yourself!" Out of the darkness a form emerged. Slowly, cautiously the stranger approached. Dressed in dark flowing robes, robes that screamed merlin. "Who are you? How long have you been watching?"

"I will tell you my name if you lower the skull crusher." The merlin replied with what sounded like humor in his voice. "First your name!" he demanded again, "Very well good knight... I am Cravien Shade." He watched the hammer wielding man for any sign of recognition upon learning his name. There was none. "Might I ask the same of you sir?" "My name is Vaikima Surm."

Cravien Shade >H<
The Hand of Pain
The only way to make good is to be bad
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