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A Letter Postmarked to N. Trinsic, c/o Esidor Vandiir


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Esteemed Dr. Vandiir,

The Governor Pandora de Romanus would like to discuss a new position with the city that may be of great interest to you. It is in regards to a position with the soon-to-be open Britain General Hospital.

Please let us know when would be an acceptable day and time for you to visit the capital for a face to face with the Governor at her office in East Britain.


Johanna Wyndham,
Secretary of State, Britain


Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Daughter under one arm, letters held between his teeth and mug of tea held in the free hand, it was just another ordinary day for Esidor. Alexia would go off, and he would spend the the early hours in his study doing his work. Either that, or chasing their daughter Raina around the house constantly. Indeed, much to his suffering, she had discovered that no... Daddies books cannot fly like a bird.

Finally getting her settled down with her breakfast of apples and oatmeal (he noted her nose wrinkling) he was able to gain a moments rest to go through the days mail. Moving might have seemed the smart idea at the time, but the arrival of even more bills was having him second guess the choice. It was tough, especially on Lexi who deserved so much more, but they got by. Yet with the holidays approaching and the winter increase on payments, he tried to keep the situation hidden from his wife.

A loan from his parents had given him the ability for get his two favorite girls in the world a Christmas present, nothing fancy mind you, but it would be worth it. And maybe he could pick up some odd jobs here or there to pay it back sooner.

A sigh as he leaned back in his chair, tapping the letters to his forehead as he did, and he wondered just how he would break the news to Alexia. After the holidays for certain, he didn't want to stress her out. Nor did he know just how to tell her that as much as they wanted another child, a son maybe, they just couldn't afford another mouth at this time. Especially if she'd have to cut back her work duties as the pregnancy went on.

Resigning himself to battle the bill collectors letters, he settled down and began opening them.

Bill, bill, newsletter about brigands hitting the roads (He'd have to be careful taking Raina out to wander the forest), bill...And one letter that was of high quality parchment. He frowned, more costly than any collector would use. Greedy as they are, it was a miracle they even paid postage.

Eyes glanced over the letter, slowing as he reached the middle before continuing on. A silence fell as he thought about it. He had heard of the hospital being constructed in Britain, but had never expected them to even consider contacting him about it. How often had he even talked with the Governor of Britain? Maybe, twice while she had been in office and three times prior to that? He didn't know.

Setting it inside his desk, he knew he would talk about it with Lexi when she got home. The added income would quite possibly let them get paid up on all their payments. Maybe even start saving once again so they could send Raina to school.

For now however... Raina was busy seeing just how far she could throw apple slices while splattering oatmeal across the floor, table and herself.

He sighed once more, a parents job is never done.