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(Player News) A Hub of Hubs


Stratics Veteran
This Hub of Hubs is designed as a simplistic and easy to use way to connect the various transport systems available on Siege. Different Hubs offer different services and advantages, and this one allows you to quickly travel between them from one central location.

The ship is public. Any player with High Seas (including EJ) can gate to this ship as long as they have 40 mana (before factoring LMC) and a spellbook with at least the gate spell. You do not need any magery skill, nor any regs/LRC. It works even from Ter Mur. Just drop a ship rune into a runebook, and you always have a fast way home or to a bank - in case you should find yourself standing fresh rezzed and naked at the entrance of the Labyrinth or some such unfortunate event.

Stepping off the ship, a player finds at their disposal 4 teletiles to 4 major Hubs (which can get them to anywhere) as well as the 2 crystal portals to hop to the bank/moongate/dungeon of their choice. I will be adding the others over time, but my neighbor immediately to the east has a Moonstone Crystal for public use and the other Hubs have them also.

This has been around for a while - it was built for NOOBs to use - but I thought I would take a moment to advertise it in case some one might find it useful. If you have a Hub you would like added to this central "core" just let me know.

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