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A Five Year History Of 11 Rare Festival Auction Results

Nails Warstein

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12 out of 26 Rares Festival Total Auction Sales = 523,728m
Median Average Sale Price For 11 Festival Auctions = 282m / rare

2019 Atlantic Rares Jubilee
Sold 77 out of 203 Rares for 34,658m
Average Sale Price = 450.1m

2018 Atlantic Rares Jubilee
Sold 84 out of 200 Rares for approximately 34 Platinum
Average Sale Price = 405m

2018 Atlantic Rares Festival
Sold 176 out of 360 Rares for 62,240m
Average Sale Price = 354m

2017 Sakura Rares Festival
Sold 621 Rares for 134,478m
Average Sale Price = 217m

2016 Atlantic Jubilee
Sold 92 rares out of 126 for 22,175m
Average Sale Price = 241m
(Missing 2nd Auction House Results)

2016 Pacific Rares Festival
Sold 129 out of 173 Rares for 35,372m
Average Sale Price = 274m
Traders House Results
Sold 15,326.2m
Festival Total = 50,698.2m

2015 Chesapeake Rares Festival
Sold 56 out of 75 Rares for 8,883m
Average Sale Price = 159m
Traders House Results

2015 Atlantic Jubilee
Sold 126 out of 213 Rares for 25470m
Average Sale Price = 202m

2014 Izumo Rares Festival
Sold 137 out of ~300 Rares for 51,123m
Average Sale price = 373m
Traders House Results

2014 Atlantic Rares Festival
Sold 220 Rares for 49,485m
Average Sale Price = 224m

2014 Europa Rares Festival
Sold 63 out of 105 Rares for 24,429m
Average Sale Price = 388m

2013 Pacific Rares Festival
Sold 137 out of 195 for 34973m
Average Sale Price = 255m

2013 Atlantic Rares Festival
Sold 150 out of 182 for 75,100m
Average Sale Price = 413m

[bcolor=rgb(16, 16, 16)]THE 2013-15 SILENT AUCTIONS OF RARE ITEMS PRICE GUIDE[/bcolor]

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I found these results hidden away... though not sure if it was for all houses

"Great news! Everything sold :D

Some stats: there were 22,175 mil in total sales over 92 lots. Of those 92 lots, 26 were bought out.

Congrats to the sellers and the buyers."
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Nails Warstein

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Based on my totals, I surmise that Ultima Online Rares Festival Silent Auctions have likely generated more than a TRILLION GOLD in sales over the course of 26 Rares Festivals in their 10 year history. I imagine the vendor totals are not that far behind.


Personally, I think this is a great lesson in the basics of economics— supply-side and acquisitions. The market will demand what it can earn—just take a look at fluctuations in gold prices for verification of that fact. There are attempts all the time to influence the value, but ultimately it will come down to whether the buyer is willing to spend. I understand the concern about monopolizing the marketplace, but if there is no demand, then what good is it to the supplier? I am glad to see that demand is still (somewhat) healthy and I am encouraged that that the UO economy may experience a boost with the new efforts to attract the players that have left. Great work on a successful Rares Fest, and here’s to more success in the future!

——- Old Man Yegger


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2016 Pacific traders house results are on the bottom post of Rares Fest - Rares Fest Pacific 2016 Traders' House Auction

I thought I'd posted the 2015 chessie traders results; I'll have a look and see if I still have those around somewhere. (esp since it became basically part 2 of the silent auction)

2015 chessiefest live auction: Rares Fest - ChessieFest 2015 Live Auction Items Listing--Saturday 9/19/15 at 4PM Eastern

2014 izumo also had a traders auction; results at the bottom of Rares Fest - Izumo Rares Festival Traders' House Auction