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A Few Good Test Subjects

Alaundril Do"Rhett

Stratics Veteran
The Dreadbringer strolled into Delucia, his black cloak flowing behind him. He had the look of a wraith, but the vitality and focus of a trained warrior. His allies wore similar garb, except for Elms, who was in his usual wraith form. The four of them walked casually up to the bank and looked around. It was a quiet time in Delucia. Apparently most were elsewhere, this made their task even easier to accomplish without the interference of the royal guard. Mistress Jacuyl was wise to choose this location to acquire her test subjects.

As they fanned out around the bank, like a black tide, he scanned the immediate area with his red glowing eyes. It was deserted save for a few meandering humans. It should work perfectly....no one will be missed.
Alaundril's mind couldn't help but think back to the conversation they all had about this a few short days ago....

"We need test subjects for my work."
"Those who are living in our ranks will need to be innoculated."

Alaundril applauded the Dark Mistress for her restraint in testing this plague on her own followers. The drow half expected to be injected with a strain of it himself but alas that did not happen, thankfully. Now...they found themselves here in the swamps of the Old Lands.

The group purposefully walked the streets of Delucia and approached the barracks in the city where they knew that mercenary warriors and the like frequented. It amused the old drow at how such a small amount of gold could buy days of a pitful human's life.

Tragic. Too bad for them that this will be their last contract.

It only took the flashing of some gold coins to get a few of the mercenaries interests. With their newly hired test subjects loyally in tow....they quickly made their way back to Umbra. The dumbfounded look of the hired sword's faces as they were shoved into a cell was priceless. Alaundril fought a laugh as he slammed the door in their faces.

Idiots. They should be more careful who they trust to hire them.


Stratics Veteran
Gazing over her newest group of test subjects expressionlessly, she nodded. They would suffice. She turned back to her lab table to view the progress of the newest batch. Great strides had been made to refine this strain. Too contagious, and it might spread and burn out too fast for enough people to become infected. A delicate mixture of contagion and longevity was needed to achieve her goal.

With all that he was already dealing with regarding Minax and the Decay, it was counter-productive for him to have antagonized her.

You brought this upon yourself, King of Trammel.