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A dark rider on a pale horse approaches......


Stratics Veteran
John Widow set up his camp on the outskirts of Yew. He could have gotten a cot in some corner of the Abby he assumed. But John preferred less prayer and more fresh air then the Abby would provide. After his camp was secure and he had finished the rabbit he had cooked at breakfast, he would wander into town and see what trouble he could get himself into.

Dusk was always the best time to investigate a new town....


Stratics Veteran
Shortly after dusk Widow left his camp on the outskirts of Yew. There was a surprising amount of activity around the Abby, people seems to be searching for something...
Eventually waiting in the shadows paid off and he caught a snippet of conversation about a book.

" All these darn fools searching for a book?" he thought
"what a waste of time and effort" John never did put much interest in books since they couldn't feed him or line his pockets... and for as long as he could remember those had been the two driving motivations in his life.

Finding Yew much busier then he had expected for a remote farm village Widow decided to return to his camp for the night and perhaps another evening would be better suited for nosing around. The light from his fire pit, which he had left stocked but unlit, warned him that he had a guest or two in his campsite. Stringing his bow and nocking an arrow to string Widow paused to see if he could discern just how much company was waiting for him.


Stratics Veteran
The sun had set and the night was dark when they rode from Dread Keep.

Malekai the Unclean and Omen Tailamont carved a trail through the yew wood.

"What are we looking for oh handsome one?" Omen jested

"Only the Guardians knowss.s" Malekai had no interest in humor
"This's way" Malekai hissed.

The Forrest was thick with underbrush that Wilted out of their way as the two passed by effortlessly.

"This better had not be a waste of time" Omen spat

"The Guardian ssspoke-to the woodsss we muss.st"

"Ok" responding impatiently "...what did he or it say?"

"Widowww maaaaker." Whispered Malekai

Omen rubbed his face in frustration.
"Always riddles with you and the Guardian. It grows tir-"

"Shh!" Malekai silenced the Hand of Treachery. "There" he pointed to a small clearing-there was a camp site. A small camp for one person-just a bedroll and a fire pit. The fire was primed but not lit. Nobody was here.
"Out hunting their dinner no doubt."
Said omen as he dismounted to inspect the camp

"Ssstay here and wait for my sssignal." Malekai cackled as he turn his horse around and vanished into the darkness.

Malekai the Unclean
Hand of Decay >H<
"The only way to make good is to be bad."
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