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Stratics Veteran
Saturday, April 30 we will be holding several events in game. Please R.S.V.P. if you can make it!

1. We will kick it off with a good old fashion street sweep. Depending on how many toons attend, we will split into groups and take down all cog buildings on one street. This particular sweep will be held on the same street in 2 servers. We will crush all the cogs on Seaweed Street in Donalds Dock. The first sweep will be held in Nutty Summit, and the second in Goofyport.

Time: 12:00pm ET/ 11:00am CT/ 10:00am MT/ 9:00am PT/ 8:00am AT

2. We will then move on to factory run(s). We will meet in the district Giggly Grove at the front entrance elevator. Once everyone is there, we will split into groups according to laff points. We will go through the factory, and when we finish we will meet at the center of the maze in Daisy Gardens (same district).

Time: 1:00pm ET/ 12:00pm CT/ 11:00am MT/ 10:00am PT/ 9:00am AT

3. The third event will be a full blown party! This means that we will max every party event out. This party will be held in Giggly Grove, as before. Everyone who shows up for prior events will be given the details about the party. This party will be public, so represent Stratics well! Don't forget to have fun!

Time: 2:00pm ET/ 1:00pm CT/ 12:00pm MT/ 11:00am PT/ 10:00am AT

If all goes according to plan we should be done by or before 2:30pm ET. I suspect that the street sweep will require some of the time to be taken restocking on gags. So, if you don't finish a street before the time of the next event, we must move on. I also realize that the factory may not take the entire hour, so whatever time we have, you may spend on your own or with the guild. I do want to start the party by 2:00pm ET, so please be ready. I hope to see everyone in ToonTown!


Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
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Makeila, Toontown Stratics is doing quite well. Forum activity is a poor indicator of visits, as it is the content on TTS that draws readers. TTS has received over 10,000 unique visits in the past month!

The TTS ME and all of us on the portal staff are working diligently to restore forgotten Stratics portals. After years of decline, I am happy to report that we are finally beginning to show significant growth network wide. For a list of portals with active MEs, check the bottom of our FAQs: Stratics Forums - FAQ.

Please don't condemn all my portals. :)


Ahhh, I'm glad that you explained that. I went through the handful of games I have dabbled in over the years to see if any were still hanging on. Now that I've settled back into UO I thought it might be interesting to see if there were any more classic MMO's worth picking up again, but as you pointed out, most of them hadn't had any forums activity in quite some time, which was saddening to me.

Also, to be completely truthful, there was another stratics forums user that I wanted to send a private messages, but being a new member I instead received a prompt saying I had to have 10 posts before it would allow me to do so. Honestly, sometimes our more active UO forums can be a bit intimidating to me. Most people are friendly enough, but I've seen folks share their comments and end up in some pretty heated arguments over it. I don't expect to be posting very much, but I do enjoy stratics and all the helpful news and information.

So it is not my intention to condemn these games, it's just me being a little nestalgic while trying to reach a silly minimum post requirement in the process. And thank you for the information, I was sure all the games I would be interested had more or less bit the big one, it's good to know UO isn't the only one trying to hang in there :)