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2010 Best Shot in the Realm Yearly Shoot-off Saturday January 29th, 8:30 pm pst

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Misfits of Society would like to invite all of Baja to the end of the year shoot-off of the Best Shot in the Realm! The contest will be held at the Skara Brae Fairgrounds on Saturday, January 29th at 8:30 pm pst (11:30 pm est, 10:30 pm cst).

The monthly BSR winners from 2010 will compete to see who will wear the yearly crown of Grand Champion, Best Shot in the Realm, 2010. The monthly winners are:

January - Sanarr
February - Xorne the Buzzed
March - Lil Debi
April - Richard Lionheart
May - Lil Debi (again!)
June - Aerowyn Faeryn
July - Ahebban
August - Felina
September - RawheadRex
October - Wrath
November - Allie Koholik
December - NightStalker

With the skill represented by this fine group, it should be a very tight competition, so please come and cheer your favorite archer on! The prize will be an engraved bow stating “Grand Champion, Best Shot in the Realm, 2010,” and a check for 5 million gold!

The monthly BSR will be held directly following this contest, at 9:00 pm pst (12 midnight est, 11 pm cst).
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