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EM Event “The complete Void pool Challenge! #4 - 10/13/2014,Monday. 9:00 am EST

EM Nekomata

UO Event Moderator
UO Event Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Hi all :)

Sakura mini event “The complete Void pool Challenge! #4” will be held on 10/13/2014,Monday. 9:00 am EST(10:00 pm JST)

Sakura will challenge the all 5 kind of spawning the void pool(not only undead). One challenge will try one spawn, so it will take 5 to 10 weeks(every week or every 2 weeks) to complete this event. The purpose of this event is, to learn players to have experience of group fight. and The crafters and healers can help these fighters and mages by providing their items and support skills.
Every spawn will be recorded with the waves.
We have done Repond, Elemental and Reptile spawn, so we will try any kind of spawn except these three.

The reward plaques which carved the name of the spawn and the wave number will be displayed in the reward hall.

Past result:
Challenge #1 : Repond spawn 117 waves 82 players
Challenge #2 : Elemental spawn 134 waves 68 players
Challenge #3 : Reptile spawn 117 waves 73 players

Chat # : JapanEMevent

See you soon!