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EM Event “Investigation into moongate” - 8/31/2012 Fri,10:00 pm JST 9:00 am EST

EM Nekomata

UO Event Moderator
UO Event Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Hello all :)

Sakura event “Investigation into moongate”will be held on - 8/31/2012 Fri,10:00 pm JST 9:00 am EST.
Meeting place: The Lycaeum (54o 35′N, 149o 59′W Trammel)
moongate from Sakura EM hall (37o 32′N, 172o 32′E ),Nujel'm,Trammel to event meeting place.

For the investigation into before restoration honor moongate,Ilshenar, Dryus Doost the mage that is the author of the "Dimensional Travel: a Monograph" about the moon gate is going to visit the Lycuaem in Moonglow,Trammel.
Dryus recruits some assistants helping with work.

Please prepare for battle.
Chat channel: JapanEMevent

See you soon!




イルシェナー名誉ムーンゲートの修復前調査のため、ムーンゲートに関する研究論文「次元旅行」の著者であるドリウス・ドースト(Dryus Doost)氏がトラメルのライキュームを訪れる予定です。ドースト氏は作業を手伝ってくれる助手を若干名募集しています。

チャットチャンネル: JapanEMevent  (#無し)