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EM Event “Bagball-Dragging championship” - 04/29/2013,Mon, 8:00 am EST

EM Nekomata

UO Event Moderator
UO Event Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Hello all :)

Sakura mini event 'Bagball-Dragging championship' will be held on 04/29/2013,Mon,8:00 am EST(9:00 pm JST ).
Meeting place: Sakura EM hall (37o 32′N, 172o 32′E ),Nujel'm,Trammel.

It is a lace pulling a bag ball. EM will provide you a special lace course.
1.It is necessary for the participation player desired to bring bag ball, book with one's name, ingot 20 (these books with player’s name will be locked down inside of a bagball to show who own the ball.).
2.A qualifier is held when there are many numbers of people.
3.Only ghosts can observe the final contest.
4.Any mounting, flying, bringing pets are not allowed.
5.must not use the ball of another players
6.If the player who lost his bagball because of any reason, He is disqualified.
7.Players winning the First, Second and Third places will be engraved their names on the plaques at EM Reward Hall.
Chat: JapanEMevent

See you soon!