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  1. Dropkick Murphys

    [Auction] Luna Plot [Lake Superior ] Reserve 5m

    each Reserve 5m each Buyout 50m ends Sunday 7-21-2019 2pm PST 10m rule #1 Lake Superior
  2. Serafi

    [Selling] Max storage 13x17 in Yew, Trammel (Sold)

    Looking for a house on Atlantic, but can not afford a 18x18 just yet? Maybe this is something for you. I have a lovely plot in Yew Trammel for sale. It even comes with an ore bonus. You just need to have a miner and a forge to get the ingots. I am not familiar with Atlantic house prices in...
  3. DeBruce

    [Price Check] Asuka Luna Plot Best Place & Max Storage

    Hiho, im thinking about my Luna Plot on Asuka maybe for Sale. First i would like to have an Price Check and if anybody is really interested you can make serious Offers via ICQ 74624095 THX
  4. DeBruce

    [Selling] 17x13 max Storage Luna Plot on Legends

    Hi, i got this nice Luna Spot on Legends for Sale as Title says... taking offers here or via ICQ # 74624095 thx
  5. DeBruce

    Legends 17x13 max Storage Plot in Luna - Legends for Sale

    Hi, i sell this Plot on Legends. It´s located in south/east Corner in Luna taking offers on my ICQ (#74624095) or here... thx!
  6. DeBruce

    Legends nice 7x9 plot in Luna City for Sale

    Hi, i got this small 7x9 plot on Legends - Luna City for Sale taking offers! icq: 74624095 cheers
  7. DeBruce

    Homes and Castles ATL 10x13 plot near Luna for Sale

    Hi, i got this nice plot near to Luna Walls for Sale. Its great for Vendors & auction safes ! taking offers ! ICQ: 74624095 cheers!
  8. DeBruce

    [Selling] ATL Umbra Road max Storage Plot for Sale

    Hi, just follow the Link Homes and Castles - WTS-ATL-Umbra Road-Vendor House 14x16 max Storage thx! :) ICQ:74624095
  9. DeBruce

    Homes and Castles WTS-ATL-Umbra Road-Vendor House 14x16 max Storage

    Hi, I got this nice Spot @Umbra Road for Sale. It´s great to have a shop or auction House there. Price is 50mill OBO. Call me on ICQ: 74624095 cheers
  10. DeBruce

    Homes and Castles ATL/Trammel 2 plots on a Castle Spot for Sale

    Hi there, i´ve got this 2 plots for Sale...13x17 & 13x13 both directly together... taking offers via ICQ:74624095 Cheers :)
  11. Beeble

    [Buying] WTB 18X18 - Closed

    Hi, Looking to buy a 18x18 or close enough to that spot on Atlantic. I was looking for something a little special, or at least with interesting surroundings, water, remote area, malas boarder, something that adds a bunch of character to the plot. I wouldn't want ice island, no middle of swamp...
  12. DeBruce

    Homes and Castles ATL 18x14 Ice Island/Trammel Plot with Waterview

    Hi, i sell this nice Plot with Waterview. Great for Fishing,maybe Price is 25mill OBO... ICQ:74624095 Cheers ! :)
  13. DeBruce

    [Selling] ATL...17x18 max Storage Plot on Ice Island Fel with great Waterview

    just follow this link... Homes and Castles - ATL 17x18 max Storage on Ice Island Fel for Sale! cheers ! accept all serious offers or Trades ! ICQ 74624095
  14. DeBruce

    Homes and Castles ATL 17x18 max Storage on Ice Island Fel for Sale!

    WTS this very nice spot on Ice Island/ Felluca /ATL near Water ! 100m OBO icq 74624095 cheers!
  15. DeBruce

    [Selling] 17x15 max Storage Plot near Luna, great for Vendors on ATL!

    nice quite area, not to crowded and no Spawn. on Atlantic 50mill. OBO just Contact # 74624095 for true offers !