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mana regen

  1. G

    Selling Jewelry [Atl] Ring MR 3 / SDI 15 / FC 1 / LMC / LRC 20 / Int 10

    Hi all. I'm accepting 10mil for this ring Arcane Ring of Sorcery Prized Intelligence Bonus 10 Mana Regeneration 3 SDI 15% Faster Casting 1 LMC 8% LRC 20%
  2. Jarnhound

    [Tailoring] Reforging mana regen?

    Hi all! I seem to have runned into either bad luck or trying to do something the wrong way. I am trying to build the ultimate scribe suit where I am aiming for 4 Mana regen per piece. I tried with spined kits (a lot) and horned and barbed, but either i get to many weird combinations and 4 mana...