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house for sale

  1. Matt803

    [Sold] Fel Keep NE of brit

    Selling Fel keep 4p OBO
  2. DeBruce

    Europa Euro Felucca Castle on Ice Island (near Honesty) for Sale

    Cheers, i sell this very nice located Castle next to honesty shrine. You can turn this into other new Castle designs easily with securely Replacement. Taking Offers via ICQ# 74624095 THX!
  3. DeBruce

    [Selling] Europa Castle by Water/Felucca for Sale

    Hello, i sell this nice Castle for a friend of me on Europa Felucca. -Ice Island on west side by Water...great for High Seas ! And Mountains on the east... -Felucca -not much crowded or blocked -New Castle Design placed (54 mill !!) -We asking for 150mill... please contact ICQ : 380253133...
  4. Asthma

    Homes and Castles [Atlantic][Selling] Plot 18x18

    ICQ: 126177355 Discord: edmilsonefs#1022 Clean view on all sides. South of Luna city. Contact me with your offer or to take a look in game.
  5. DeBruce

    [Selling] Europa Felucca Castle for Sale

    Hi, i sell this nice located fel Castle on Euro... start Bid is 100 mill Send me your offers here or ICQ for fast Sale ICQ# 74624095 thx! :)
  6. DeBruce

    [Selling] 4Sale Europa Felucca Castle on Ice by Water

    Hiya, i sell this nice located Felucca Castle on Euro/Ice Island on the South/West Side. Dungeon Deceit is not far away. Im asking 100mill OBO for it. Please Send request to ICQ: 74624095 thx you
  7. Jacob Centeno Centeno

    Homes and Castles Selling Small Home 2 screens outside Luna

    Would like a bigger home but the location is superb. Any offers?
  8. S

    WTB 18x18 in good locale

    Want to buy 18x18 in good location, any facet, but prefer Fel. + for relatively secluded spots, spots near trees/mining/water. Gold only. ICQ 709836073.
  9. DeadBob

    Hidden Valley House For Sale

    Prime location 18x18 in a Malas Hidden Valley Furnished & with a fully stocked bar ;) Ask a question or make an offer (contingent upon viewing.)
  10. T

    [Selling] Felucca 3 story 18 x 15 for Sale (Bigger as tower)

    Located in a quit area in the Nothern Forrests. No pasted Neighbors, some room between. No housespot in front that blocks the door vieuw. Included : 5 runes to the house. Price : 25 milion Icq : 715 923 920 (Alfred)
  11. T

    [Selling] Felucca 14 x 9 Customizable 3 story at the shore for Sale

    Most of the felucca big spots are taken. If you want to live in felucca, In the meantime you save the thousands of millions they are going to ask you for bigger houses or prime locations, here is something at least bigger then a small house in this nice location at the shore. Located far in...
  12. B

    [Selling] 17x17 in FEL South SW of Trinsic

    Selling this secluded 17x17 in Fel South SW of Trinsic. Send offers or requests to see more detail to -ICQ 137353072
  13. DeBruce

    Legends 17x13 max Storage Plot in Luna - Legends for Sale

    Hi, i sell this Plot on Legends. It´s located in south/east Corner in Luna taking offers on my ICQ (#74624095) or here... thx!
  14. ragnartheawful

    11x12 For Sale - Marble Island T2A Gate, Fel (Atlantic)!

    Selling an 11x12 on Marble Island in Fel (Atlantic). There are a few neighbors, but I've never seen them. Water all around you; it's an island just east of Brit moongate. Private spot. No spawns, no nonsense. Don't even know if there's interest, but house placement seems to be hit or miss...