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    Price Check- ATL- Strong Purple Hiryu

    Hue # 33936 Very Rare
  2. T

    Adive for my hiryu

    It's supposed to be advice, not adive. horrible typo. my bad I'm currently looking to finish off my hiryu. I already gave him frenzied whirlwind so he has ninjitsu from that. I'm looking to either give him chiv or bushido. Not sure which would compliment him more. Any advice would be...
  3. T

    Selling Pet Pink Hiryu

    I'm selling a pink hiryu (not lesser); 1st round of training is done, plan is set for last round, and most has been done, just needs more scrolls added and mana and hp finished...it has bushido and explosive goo, and has been scrolled to 120 in bushido, so far. ICQ for more details. 484496700