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event item

  1. Tailean

    EM Event Item Selling 2 Event Items: If you have an offer please leave below.

    The Mad Toymaker's Mini Battlebot! What does this item do?: This Item Smokes! Dropped: 15 (Accepting Any Fair Offer) An Enchanted Looking Glass Showing Your Darkest Fears, Deepest Desires, Or Worst Sins! What does this item do?: This Item answers a question. Dropped: Unknown (Accepting Any...
  2. MadMartyr

    [Auction] Season 12-15 EM Items, Ends 3/2

    10-Minute Rule Applies. Auction Ends March 2nd, 2018 at 9PM Eastern. Offers below reserve will be considered on unsold items after auction close. 5 Million gold minimum increments. All Items and Gold on ATL only. Lot #1 The Roasting Pig King Napa Valley, Season 14, 1 of 15 Reserve: 320 Million...
  3. P

    EM Event Item 'Catskills' 'The Christmas Spirit, Vintage 97' ░▒▓

    Taking offers on this Event item. The Christmas Spirit Vintage 97 (animated). The Christmas Spirit Vintage 97
  4. meanwan

    EM Event Item Mythran's Ethereal Orrery

    Selling GL event item from 9/26 Item is still on Great Lakes. Would like to get 175 mil OBO accepting gold on ATL or GL. Spins and says stuff when you get close
  5. R

    EM Event Item WTS 'An Ancient And Forgotten Lantern Containing The Essence Of True Evil' //Europa

    Selling 'An Ancient And Forgotten Lantern Containing The Essence Of True Evil' located on Europa PM me offers if interested
  6. DeBruce

    [Price Check] I rolled the Dice and won playing.....

    Hello, i just need some infos for this Dice... 1. wich year ? 2. how much created ? or clicky ? 3. Price Check ! :) thx to all !
  7. leet

    EM Event Item Alot of Great Items @ Leets Luna! Come take a look =)

    ICQ# 167796133 If you would like make any offers please feel free to send me an ICQ or you can message me here on stratics, thanks! =) _______________________________ ______________________________________________ Thank you to my loyal customers!
  8. Nails Warstein

    EM Event Item A Pulsating Alabaster Pillar Inscribed With The Countenance Of Titans Bound To The Tetrasomia

    Pacific Event Item From April 14th, 2016 1 of 15 Part of the Titan Vase Set Double click to make the sound "I SEE YOU!" in a creepy voice Please ICQ or Private Message Me Your Offers
  9. Atlantic Wear

    Taking Offers on 95% SDI Suit

    Selling SDI Suit & Accepting offers on: Class: Human or Elf Suit Stats ------------- DCI 43% HCI 5% LRC 102% LMC 62% FC2 FCR7 INT32 HP Reg5 ST Reg1 MA Reg20 HPinc10 MAinc18 Spell Damage Increase 95% 66/70/70/60/74 This suit is perfect for the event item hunter. WoD & 95% SDI - This suit...
  10. M

    [Selling] Original Shroud of Tal'keesh on Atlantic - 150Mil - Vendorable

    From Napa Valley event in 2006. 13 Originals in game. Vendor-able. Its on my vendor on atl right now for 150Mil. ICQ me @ 459-468=563 if you're interested.
  11. M

    [Selling] "I Killed Something At The Atlantic PVM Competition" Event Item Sash

    (28) Were given out in 2010. Never duped that I know of. Of the 28 orig not many are still among active players. Vendor-able. Its on my vendor on Atlantic for 175 mil. You can use Vendor Search to find it. The price is firm. This is what I'd sell it for, any less and i'd just want to keep it...