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  1. T

    Dark Father difference in damage with swampy and without?

    Hey everyone, Let me explain my inquiry, I noticed that when I am fight the Dark Father in Doom there is a considerable difference in the amount of damage I am able to do depending on whether I am mounted on a swampy (with barding) or an ethereal mount. By considerable difference I mean up to...
  2. DeBruce

    [Selling] ATL/EU/DF Cuffs of the Archmage

    Hi there, i got some Cuffs of the Archmage for Sale...40mill...cheapest price at the moment just ICQ me: 74624095 thx !
  3. King Greg

    Doom Video with Text Guide

    So after all the hate i've been seeing for doom, I figured I would make a video and guide to help people out. This is the Warrior Edition. I did this fight with 0 Parrying and only 25% Defense chance increase in a refined suit, meaning that archers are also viable in this dungeon with the right...
  4. C

    [Selling] Leather Jingasa of doom

    Got some modes what can help in RP life. Unfortunately got 5 modes on, but Ph res or Pois res can bee imbued more. Want to sell it.
  5. MadMartyr

    [Buying] Antique Documents Kit

    From the Halloween Doom Events. Toolkit graphic with the name "Antique Documents Kit".
  6. LowdownandShifty

    [Selling] Selling 302 Treasures of Doom Items

    I'm cleaning house and found 302 Treasures of Doom items. The highest-end item is the Bracelet of Doom shown below. Make an offer on all/part of the collection.