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  1. Yegger

    [Buying] Ter Mur Books!!!

    I am looking for the following Ter Mur Books--any type (regular issue, Collector's Edition, Limited Edition and First Edition): - Baldwin's Big Book of Baking - Crossbow Marksmenship by Iolo Fitzowen - Dilzal's Almanac of Good Advice - Kodeks Destermur - Kodeks Kir - Kodeks Xen - Logbook of the...
  2. Yegger

    Avid Book Collector buying!

    Hello! The Luna Library is looking for exotic and rare editions of Ultima lore and adventure books to put on display. If you have anything available for purchase OR if you have something that you would like to put on loan to the library, please let me know. The building is just north of Luna...
  3. Flutter

    [Buying] Books!

    A Prophetic Manuscript Scribed In An Archaic Draconic Language (15) ( pac) The Never-Ending Story: A Book Of Fantastic Tales Spun By Bennu, The Jongleur (atl) Tome Of Spells Used To Free My Myr-Styx The Storm Wyrm (Pacific) "Explosives and You: A Handwritten Manscript"