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Knights Of The Valorian Order [*VK*]

A Social Guild Located On Atlantic. We Are Involved In PVM, PVP, And RP.

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Hey all, especially the Cap'n. I have been away for a couple years for various reasons. Y'all were kind enough back in the day to give me a valuable housing plot on Atlantic (which I still have, never lapsed the subscription) after my transfer out of the dead Lake Austin shard, and I'm looking to "come home" and get back into playing UO again a lot more. (It helps that I finally got a new computer, too.) I was known as Ziggerlin, Woodrow, and probably a handful of others. The sign on my house still says the VK Trinsic home. Anyway, if y'all will have me back, after presumably and understandably kicking me out for inactivity, I'm ready.
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Captn Norrington
Captn Norrington
Welcome back! We would love to have you rejoin. My ICQ is 678566021 hopefully we can meet in game soon so I can re-add you to the guild :)
Like the boss said, welcome back! If you're on late and haven't connected with him, I've got an emmisary that can invite you. Just shout for Cutter from VK on general chat and if I'm around, I can help you out.