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  2. State of Stratics Address

    Hail Guest !

    RonBron the President and Owner of Stratics is planning to engage in a State of Stratics Address next Saturday Night at 6pm EST. He wishes to gather questions from our community. To submit questions and concerns please visit this Thread

  3. The time has come to say farewell to another of our beloved community members

    Hail Guest!

    Please take a moment to read and leave your gratitude for Airmid, as she has decided to pass the torch on to a new generation of Stratics Volunteers. http://community.stratics.com/threads/bon-voyage-friend.324118/#post-2452837

Stratics Pro

Stratics Pro

Stratics Pro is an account upgrade that allows users to support our development, and subsequently allows us to treat these users to some unique perks. In addition to ad-free browsing, Stratics Pro members also receive more robust inboxes, avatars, and signatures, as well as a few member-only conversation features.

We are constantly looking for new ways to thank our supporters, so keep checking back to learn more! Have a suggestion for a Pro perk? Tell us about it!

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  • Max Participants: 5
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  • Max Participants: 20
  • Edit Time Limit: 20 Minutes
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  • Max Characters: 300
  • Max Lines: 3
  • Max Links: 3
  • Max Images: 3
  • Max Smilies: 3
  • Max Text Size: 4
  • Max Characters: 600
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Feb 26, 2014
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