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  2. A Thank You to Our Community Members

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    A Special Thank You Notice has been posted you may read about it HERE!

  3. Forum Issues

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    There is currently an issue causing double postings on the Forums, we have been looking into this and want you all to know if you receive a "Service Unavailable" popup your posting went through, you do not need to click Submit once again.


    Hail Guest! Please read this Post concerning Emergency Forum Maintenance, which will be occurring on 11/22 beginning at 9pm EST. At that time the Stratics Forums will be brought off line and will return to service once the Maintenance is completed. At this time we can not give a definitive time frame as to when they will be reactivated. More information will be posted as it becomes available. We also wish to apologize for not allowing members to dismiss this notice, but wished for all forum users to be notified in a timely manner.

Copyright Policy

  • If you are a rights holder and are concerned that you have found material on our website, for which you have not given permission, or is not covered by a limitation or exception in national law, please contact us in writing stating the following:

    1. Your contact details.
    2. The full bibliographic details of the material.
    3. The exact and full url where you found the material.
    4. Proof that you are the rights holder and a statement that, under penalty of perjury, you are the rights holder or are an authorized representative.

    This notification should be sent to the following address for review: legal@stratics.com.

    Upon receipt of notification, the ‘Notice and Takedown’ procedure is then invoked as follows:

    1. Stratics will acknowledge receipt of your complaint by email or letter and will make an initial assessment of the validity and plausibility of the complaint.
    2. Upon receipt of a valid complaint, the material will be temporarily removed from the Stratics website pending an agreed solution.
    3. Stratics will contact the contributor who deposited the material, if relevant. The contributor will be notified that the material is subject to a complaint, will be informed of the allegations, and will be encouraged to assuage the complaints concerned.
    4. The complainant and the contributor will be encouraged to resolve the issue swiftly, amicably, and to the satisfaction of both parties, with the following possible outcomes:
      • The material is replaced on the Stratics website unchanged.
      • The material is replaced on the Stratics website with changes.
      • The material is permanently removed from the website.
    5. If the contributor and the complainant are unable to agree a solution, the material will remain unavailable through Stratics until a time when a resolution has been reached.
    Creative Commons License
    Stratics content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
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